Objectives of the Board

The objective of the India Board is to promote mutual understanding between Germany and India, specifically in the fields of Baden-Württemberg-India. The India Board provides services for Indian companies wishing to work in or with Germany, Indian companies already active in Germany or looking to do business there, and representatives of local authorities, institutions, universities, colleges, and other organizations. The aim of these services is to facilitate the expansion of information exchange in the economic, scientific, and cultural fields.


Objectives of the Indo-German Network Karlsruhe may include:

Business and Trade Promotion: Facilitating and promoting economic and trade relations between companies in India and counterparts in Karlsruhe and Baden-Württemberg. This could involve creating platforms for networking, business matching,and collaboration.

Innovation and Technology Transfer: Encouraging the exchange of innovative ideas, technologies, and research between companies and institutions in Baden-Württemberg and India. This may involve organizing innovation forums, technology exhibitions, and collaboration in research and development.

Investment Facilitation: Supporting and attracting Indian investments into Karlsruhe and Baden-Württemberg or vice versa. This could include providing information, assistance, and a conducive environment for businesses investing or expanding in the respective regions.

Cultural Integration: Beyond business, we celebrate and promote cultural exchange, fostering a deeper understanding between the people of India and Germany.

Networking Events: Our board organizes and supports events that provide a platform fornetworking, enabling our members to establish valuable connections and partnerships.

Educational Collaboration: Promoting educational exchanges, research partnerships, and collaborations between educational institutions in Baden-Württemberg and India. This could involve student exchange programs, joint research projects, and academic partnerships.