IT & Digital development

Karlsruhe aims at setting standards and becoming one of the world’s flagships of digitalisation. Therefore, the city actively addresses the digital transition in all its facets, as it will affect more than just IT-related companies and industries Karlsruhe is a leading location for technology and law, with its legislative and security institutions in one place. The city is actively expanding its digital sovereignty. initiative

The initiative aims to promote Karlsruhe as a leader in digitalization for a sustainable and self-governing society. The initiative brings together experts from over 50 institutions and companies across science, business, culture and public administration. Expert groups analyze and develop digital aspects and success criteria in key areas such as administration, education, culture, and society. The initiative also evaluates conditions that attract professionals, start-up culture, sovereignty, internationalization, and innovation transfer.

Cyber Forum

CyberForum e.V., located in Karlsruhe, is Europe's largest high-tech entrepreneur network with over 1,200 members. It's a platform that brings together start-ups, software companies, experienced entrepreneurs, international IT providers, research institutes, and universities. CyberForum is a direct link between expertise, business contacts, and career prospects, offering a networking opportunity for professionals in these fields.