Strengthening Economic Ties: Baden-Württemberg Delegation's Productive Visit to Mumbai and Pune, India

A detailed report on the delegation led by the Minister of State Dr Stegmann from 24. to 28.02.2024 to Mumbai and Pune, India

In a bid to bolster international partnerships and address the pressing issue of skilled workforce recruitment, a delegation of 33 participants, spearheaded by Minister of State Dr. Stegmann and Minister of Education Schopper, embarked on a significant journey to Mumbai and Pune, India. Baden-Württemberg International (bw-i) facilitated this expedition from February 24th to 28th, 2024, was laden with fruitful endeavours to foster cooperation and collaboration between Baden- Württemberg and Maharashtra.

A pivotal moment of the delegation's visit was the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the states of Baden-Württemberg and Maharashtra, solidifying their commitment to closer collaboration in the recruitment and qualification of skilled workers. This agreement lays the groundwork for future cooperation, promising mutual benefits and a robust exchange of expertise in human resource management.

At the state government's evening reception, held at the esteemed Goethe-Institut, another significant milestone was marked with the official inauguration of the Baden-Württemberg Skilled Workers Desk in India. This initiative, entrusted to Let's Bridge IT and Ms. Iris Becker, the Baden-Württemberg representative, holds immense potential in streamlining the recruitment process and facilitating smoother transitions for skilled professionals from India to Baden-Württemberg. While the exact framework of the Skilled Workers Desk's operations is yet to be finalized, its establishment underscores the commitment of both regions towards addressing the challenges of workforce mobility and fostering a conducive environment for talent exchange.

Participating entities from Karlsruhe, including the Welcome Center of the TechnologyRegion, the Heinrich Hertz School, and the Karlsruhe digital agency Dinited GmbH, contributed significantly to the delegation's agenda. Engaging in a series of meetings with Indian companies and actively participating in the International Business Summit organized by the MCCIA Chamber of Commerce in Pune, these entities showcased the innovative prowess and collaborative spirit of Baden-Württemberg's economic landscape.

In addition to formal engagements, the delegation seized the opportunity to explore alternative avenues for collaboration, leveraging the dynamic business ecosystem of Maharashtra. The Economic Development Agency orchestrated an alternative trip spanning 1.5 days, providing participants with firsthand insights into potential partnership opportunities and avenues for strategic investment.

As the global economy evolves, fostering international collaborations and nurturing talent pipelines are paramount for sustained economic growth and prosperity. The recent delegation to India not only reaffirmed the commitment of Baden-Württemberg to forge meaningful partnerships but also laid the groundwork for a future characterized by robust economic cooperation, innovation, and shared prosperity. With a renewed sense of purpose and a strengthened resolve, the journey towards mutual advancement and prosperity continues, driven by the spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Symbiosis team

Visit to Sikraft Baden-Baden at their Mumbai Offices

The delegation's itinerary also included a visit to Sikraft in Mumbai, a notable sponsor of the India Board Karlsruhe with six office locations in the city. During the visit, the business development agency explored the premises at the New Mumbai location, which features furnished co-working workstations and meeting rooms spanning 400 square meters. Of particular interest was the potential establishment of an Indo-German Accelerator, with Sikraft Company expressing willingness to sponsor this initiative further. Discussions centred around developing a comprehensive occupancy and marketing concept, highlighting the collaborative efforts to foster entrepreneurship and innovation between the two regions.


Exploring Sustainable Development: Visit to Thane/Belapur Industrial Park in New Mumbai

As part of the delegation's comprehensive agenda, a visit to the Thane/Belapur Industrial Park in New Mumbai provided invaluable insights into a transformative project jointly undertaken by Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and NMiMS Mumbai University. This ambitious two-year endeavour aims to revitalise one of India's oldest industrial parks, housing approximately 3,000 companies, into a modern, sustainable hub aligned with the 17 sustainability criteria.

Collaborating closely with renowned academic institutions, more than 100 students from both universities have been actively researching and addressing key challenges within the park. Their focus areas encompass various facets of sustainability, particularly mobility and energy solutions. Through the development of innovative concepts, the project endeavours to equip the park operator and its resident companies with a competitive edge, fostering sustainability and climate neutrality.

This initiative and the EU-funded "Eco Industrial Park Pune” project will collaborate to amplify sustainable development efforts across regions. They aim to achieve complementary objectives by sharing expertise and knowledge.


The Economic Development Agency acknowledges the significance of initiatives such as the Thane/Belapur Industrial Park project in driving the sustainability agenda while enhancing the competitiveness of industrial ecosystems. By fostering collaboration between academia, industry, and government, these endeavours pave the way for a greener future and serve as catalysts for economic growth and innovation.

In conclusion, the Thane/Belapur Industrial Park visit underscored the importance of sustainable development as a cornerstone of economic progress. Through continued collaboration and concerted efforts, transforming industrial landscapes into sustainable, resilient hubs holds the promise of a brighter, more prosperous future for all stakeholders involved.

Forging Global Partnerships: Highlights from the International Business Summit

One of the pivotal engagements during the recent delegation's visit to India was the participation in the International Business Summit organized by the regional chamber of commerce, MCCIA Pune. This prestigious event, spanning two days, served as a platform for dialogue and collaboration, drawing participation from approximately 400 Indian member companies of the MCCIA.

The summit delved into a diverse array of topics, including the transformation of the automotive industry, cyber security, and strategies for internationalization. Reflecting its global appeal, representatives from 14 countries, including the USA, Africa, Indonesia, Israel, Belgium, and Germany (Karlsruhe and Thuringia), were invited to share insights and explore opportunities for cooperation.

Amidst this dynamic backdrop, the Economic Development Agency made significant contributions, actively engaging with attendees to showcase the investment potential and opportunities in Karlsruhe. A presentation delivered in the auditorium highlighted the region's strengths and competitive advantages, while a presence at the accompanying exhibition provided a platform for one-on-one interactions and networking opportunities.


A notable highlight of the summit was the launch of the newly created website,, aimed at facilitating information dissemination and fostering closer ties between Indian businesses and counterparts in Karlsruhe. This digital platform serves as a gateway for exploring investment prospects, accessing resources, and initiating collaborations, thereby bolstering bilateral economic relations between the two regions.

In conclusion, the International Business Summit served as a testament to the power of collaboration and dialogue in driving economic progress. As the delegation returns with newfound insights and connections, the journey towards deeper cooperation and shared prosperity between Baden-Württemberg and India continues, fueled by a shared commitment to innovation and partnership.