India Board Karlsruhe: Education Minister Kersekar's Visit Strengthens Ties with Baden-Württemberg

Karlsruhe, June 15, 2024 – From June 11-14, 2024, a distinguished delegation from Maharashtra, led by Education Minister Mr. Deepak Kersekar, visited Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. This marked Minister Kersekar's second visit to Karlsruhe, following his initial trip in 2023. The visit, meticulously organized by bw-i (Baden-Württemberg International), aimed to foster educational and administrative ties between Maharashtra and Baden-Württemberg.

Steering Committee on June 12

The main reason for the visit was the inaugural meeting of the Steering Committee on June 12, 2024. This committee was established as part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on skilled workers, with the appointment of Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup as a member. The MoU aims to address the skilled labor shortages in both regions through collaborative initiatives and exchanges.

Maharashtra Delegation in front of the Heinrich Hertz Schule Karlsruhe
Maharashtra Delegation in front of the Heinrich Hertz Schule Karlsruhe

Arrival of Minister Kersekar in Karlsruhe on June 13

On June 13, Minister Kersekar, accompanied by 15 high-ranking officials from various ministries in Maharashtra, arrived in Karlsruhe. Despite a tightly packed schedule, the delegation managed to attend three of the five planned appointments, owing to a late arrival and some spontaneous changes in their itinerary.

Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup during the reception of Minister Kersekar at the Townhall
Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup during the reception of Minister Kersekar at the Townhall

The first stop was a visit to the Heinrich Hertz School, renowned for its innovative educational practices and strong emphasis on technology and science. The delegation was given a comprehensive tour of the school’s facilities, including its state-of-the-art laboratories and interactive classrooms.

Next, the delegation visited Karlsruhe's public transport company, KVV, where they were briefed on the city's efficient and eco-friendly public transportation system. The officials explored various aspects of the system, including its management, infrastructure, and sustainability practices. The visit provided valuable insights into how Maharashtra could enhance its public transport networks, particularly in urban areas experiencing rapid growth.

The final appointment was a reception at the town hall, hosted by Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup. During the reception, Mayor Mentrup emphasized the importance of continued collaboration between Karlsruhe and Maharashtra. He highlighted the shared goals of both regions in promoting education, innovation, and sustainable development. Minister Kersekar expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and reiterated his commitment to strengthening ties through various educational and administrative initiatives.

Unfortunately, due to the delegation's delayed arrival and the need to reprioritize, the planned visits to the Aluplast company and the Welcome Center were canceled. These visits were intended to showcase the region’s advancements in industry and integration support for new residents, respectively. However, discussions are already underway to reschedule these appointments during a future visit.

Minister Kersekar’s visit underscored the potential for fruitful collaborations between Maharashtra and Baden-Württemberg. Both regions share a commitment to innovation and education, and this visit laid the groundwork for future exchanges and partnerships. The successful organization of the trip by bw-i reflects the dedication of both sides to fostering strong international relations and addressing common challenges.

The delegation's visit to Karlsruhe not only strengthened existing ties but also opened new avenues for cooperation in various fields. As both regions continue to work together, the outcomes of this visit are expected to bring about significant advancements in education and public administration, benefiting communities on both sides.

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Reception of Minister Kersekar at the Townhall