The City of Karlsruhe established the India Board Karlsruhe in 2012 to foster communication and collaboration between Indian companies and organizations located in Karlsruhe and the wider region. The board also facilitates coordination of interests between Indian and Karlsruhe-based companies, municipalities, institutions, universities, colleges, private individuals, and other organizations.

In January 2014, the partnership between Karlsruhe and Pune in India gained moentum. A direct office was established in the "MCCIA Trade Tower" in Pune, with Iris Becker from "Let's Bridge IT" as the official representative of the City of Karlsruhe in Pune, India.

The India Board is managed by the Economic Development Department of Karlsruhe, with the Lord Mayor of Karlsruhe, Dr. Frank Mentrup acting as the Head of the India Board.

The India Board in Karlsruhe is funded through the sponsorships of our partners.


Join us in building a strong and mutually beneficial Indo-German network. Whether you're seeking business partnerships, professional growth, or cultural enrichment, the Indo-German Network Karlsruhe welcomes you to a community where opportunities abound and collaborations flourish. Together, let's shape a future of innovation, diversity, and success.