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One magazine, one region and 240 pages of inspiration – in the new “City & Regio Guide” visitors and inhabitants find everything they need to know about sights, destinations and leisure activities around the metropolitan area of Karlsruhe. In cooperation with “Karlsruhe Tourismus”, “” published a new concept for the city and all its touristic partners within an area of 100 kilometers around Karlsruhe.

Karlsruhe Castle  Phot:
Karlsruhe Castle  Photo:

“So far, this is unique and opens up a whole new perspective on this region”, says Marc Schichor, initiator, publisher and editor of the “City & Regio Guide”. With a colorful mixture of information, facts and insider knowledge about the districts and its sights, guests explore Karlsruhe in many different – and partly unknown – facets. At the same time, the travel and leisure guide goes beyond the city area and even leads over state and country borders and arouses curiosity for destinations around Karlsruhe.

Clearly structured, different categories, matching icons and various tour guides as well as an enclosed fold-out map with city maps and a general outline give a quick overview at the spot or for preparations at home. Individual topics, like cycling, hiking or enjoying, show, where to find the matching and best hot spots for the planned activities. Furthermore, the different places and its activities are presented on separate pages. ”It represents a unique unification of Karlsruhe, the Black Forest, the Alsace and the Palatinate and should inspire visitors as well as inhabitants to discover the region”, explains Klaus Hoffmann, managing director of “KTG Karlsruhe Tourismus”.

City: Metropolis with charisma

At the center of the “City & Regio Guide” stands Karlsruhe. The city presents itself not only as a vibrant site for technology and innovation, but also shines with its diverse culture, the proximity to nature and its special, Mediterranean flair. Visitors stroll through the baroque splendor, the pulsating squares and shopping districts of the city center, discover Karlsruhe’s institutions, such as the ZKM in the southwestern city or follow the footsteps of the "Südstadt-Indians". In addition, the travel and leisure guide highlights the variety of events, the broad culture and world of delights, as well as the discovery tours for cyclists and hikers.

Country and Rhine: Fantastic possibilities

Besides Karlsruhe, the “City & Regio Guide” devotes itself to the regions around the city and along the Rhine, such as the Black Forest, the northern Alsace and the Palatinate. With tips, fascinating photos and interesting facts about the sights, the excursions, the tours and the natural and cultural highlights, guests and inhabitants will discover the diversity of the regions within 100 kilometers around Karlsruhe. No matter whether there are arduous uphill stretches for mountain bikers in the Albtal, adventures in the Northern Black Forest or pleasure trails through the vineyards of the Palatinate – the new travel and leisure guide has something in store for every taste. (red)

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About Karlsruhe: Founded in 1715 as a baroque, planned city, Karlsruhe is today the second-largest city in Baden-Württemberg with a population of around 315,000. As the "Gateway to the Black Forest" the lively and dynamic city lies in the midst of a green landscape. As of its location on the Upper Rhine, Karlsruhe is one of the sunniest cities in the country. Karlsruhe also has the nickname "Fächerstadt", which is based on a fan-shaped ground plan, commissioned by the founder of the town, Markgraf Karl Wilhelm. There is a rich museum landscape with the Badisches Landesmuseum in the castle, the Staatliche Kunsthalle as well as the museum of natural history with the fascinating vivarium. A special experience awaits visitors at the ZKM, the German "Center Pompidou". The Stadtgarten Karlsruhe with the Zoological Garden is one of the largest inner-city parks in Germany and the Schlossgarten has large natural areas with magnificent forests and rare plant species. For friends of good taste, it is worth to discover Karlsruhe in a culinary way. The famous Baden-cuisine offers numerous specialties from local production and is characterized by high quality and the selection of regional ingredients. Further information is available at

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Anlaufstelle in Pune


Die Kooperation zwischen Karlsruhe und dem indischen Pune ist einen Schritt weiter: Im Januar 2014 wurde im "MCCIA Trade Tower", 403, Senapati Bapat Road, eine direkte Karlsruher Anlaufstelle mit den Repräsentantinnen Iris Becker und Winnie Kulkarni von "Let's Bridge IT" in Pune eröffnet.

Durch Erfolg und Ausbau der vielfältigen Aktivitäten - ob Infos rund um den Standort Karlsruhe, aktiv Kontakte zu indischen Firmen halten oder deutsche Firmen aus der TRK in und um Pune bekannter machen - erfolgte im März 2018 ein Umzug in neue Räumlichkeiten, auch durch die Erweiterung um die Repräsentanz des Landes Baden-Württembergs in Maharashtra sowie das Marketingbüro der „Hochschul Föderation Südwest“. 


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9th Floor, Sunit Capital, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune 411016
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